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For What Applications and Techniques Can DAI Activated Alumina Be Used?

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DAIís alumina for chromatography has contributed to the continued growing use of this material, in a diverse number of applications. Indeed the major reasons for this growth has been our contribution to the standardization of the manufacturing process. This has resulted in standardized grades of alumina that are very well controlled and defined. Alumina, by being amphoteric (acting either as a base or an acid as well as being configured as neutral). provides the chromatographer the ability to separate a multitude of compounds over and above silica gels. Alumina can act as a weak ion exchanger demonstrating anionic or cationic properties while additionally acting as an adsorbent.

  • Super Activity I
  • Standard (Std) Activity I - IV
  • pH: Acid (A) Basic (B) Neutral (N)
  • Step less Deactivation behavior ē Constant Deactivation behavior
  • Controlled Chromatographic Parameters
  • Controlled Surface Area, Porosity


Careful attention is paid to quality control procedures' reproducible performance regardless of the technique used, especially when transferring from one technique to another.

DAI alumina can be used for all separation and purification techniques including the following:

  • Flash chromatography

  • Column chromatography

  • Dry column chromatography

  • Large column chromatography

  • Thin layer chromatography

  • High performance liquid chromatography

  • High performance thin layer chromatography

The consistency in the alumina products allow separation scientists to easily scale up from analytical quality control methods development through pilot - preparative scale and commercial processing applications with no need to change product parameters.


DAIís alumina can be used for the following:

  • Environmental Cleanup
    1. Removal of oil from sea water
    2. PCB removal
    3. Removal of arsenic, lead, copper, uranium and other heavy metals
    4. Pesticide removal
    5. Bio-mass clean-up
    6. Removal of dyes or color from water
    7. Removal of fluoride
  • Clean Energy
    • Gas and liquid dehydration
    • Lithium
    • Transformer oil clean-up
  • Pharmaceutical Applications
    1. Alkaloid Purification
      1. Purification of known and novel compounds
      2. Removal of dyes or color from plant alkaloids
    2. Taste and odor masking
    3. Controlled drug release
    4. Pyrogen removal
    5. Antibiotics
    6. Nutraceuticals
  • Removal of Contaminants from Solvents
    1. Transformer oil clean-up
    2. Lead removal
  • Lithium Purification
  • Use in University Laboratories
    1. Research
    2. Isolation of desired molecule or compound
  • Chromatography Uses of Alumina
    1. Isolation from alkaloids
    2. Isolation and purification of antibiotics
    3. Removal of terpenes from essential oils
    4. Isolation of active substances in plant extraction
    5. Dehydration of organic solvents
    6. Purification of enzymes
    7. Isolation in glycosides
    8. Lead removal from water
    9. Isolation and purification of synthetic products, of ketosteroids from neutral materials with hormones
    10. Purification of organic solvents for analytical and technical purposes
    11. Clarification of fatty oils and separation of fatty acids
    12. PCB removal from solvents
    13. Removal of peroxides form organic solvents
    14. Removal of pyrogens from injectable solutions and infusions
    15. Various medicinal extracts from plants


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