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How can Activated Alumina Be Used for PCB Removal?

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Dynamic Adsorbents Inc. (DAI) has formulated a specialty proprietary adsorbent (Alumina C) allowing PCBs to be removed safely from contaminated sites. Alumina C is a chemically and physically modified form of alumina with highly favorable properties for the collection and isolation of PCBs. Using industrial size batch chromatography, PCB contaminated soil and other environmental waste is passed through columns packed with Alumina C. PCBs are separated out through the adsorption process which occurs when PCBs come into contact with Alumina C. The captured PCBs remain in the column attached to the alumina. This bonded material then contains virtually all of the PCB material and the alumina bonded adsorbent may be disposed of using appropriate destruction technology. The use of this potent adsorbent serves as an efficient means to gather PCBs in one location, subsequently aiding destruction technologies which may subsequently be used to dechlorinate these hazardous aromatic compounds.

Using Alumina C for PCB removal had been demonstrated to be advantageous. Batch chromatographic purification systems are transportable and are taken directly to the contaminated sites in need of clean-up. Using this technique there is no need to build a physical plant eliminating high operating costs. Energy requirements are low, with no high pressure or high temperatures being utilized. PCBs collected (eluted) and bound to Alumina C are gathered in one location and then safely carried to their final disposal site. While chromatography uses batch processing rather than continuous in-line processing this technique is proving to provide superior separation capabilities.


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