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Dynamic Adsorbents: activated alumina, silica gel, chromatography, drysphere, dynaflash

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Why Dynamic Adsorbents, Inc?

  • Highest quality, greatest consistency alumina.
  • Widest range of applications.
  • Specialized and customized alumina.
  • Complete control of manufacturing.
  • Four decades of chromatographic experience.
  • Unique, patented technology.
  • Solution oriented.
  • Quality assurance guaranteed.

Alumina Introduction!

Activated alumina is manufactured from aluminum hydroxide by dehydroxylating it in a way that produces a highly porous material; this material can have a surface area significantly over 200 square meters/g. The compound is used as a desiccant (to keep things dry by adsorbing water from the air) and as a filter of fluoride, arsenic, selenium, etc. in drinking water. It is made of aluminum oxide (alumina; Al2O3), the same chemical substance as sapphire and rubies (but without the impurities that give those gems their color). It has a very high surface-area-to-weight ratio. That means it has a lot of very small pores, almost like tunnels, that run throughout it.

Desiccant Introduction!

Desiccants and sorbents are specialized moisture absorbing minerals or chemicals. Alumina, silica gel, calcium sulfate, barium oxide, lithium chloride, perchlorates (such as lithium, barium or magnesium perchlorate) and molecular sieves such as zeolite are commonly used as desiccants. These materials are used as desiccants because they possess both high water adsorption capacities as well as favorable water adsorption isotherm shapes. DrysphereTM is the superior desiccant and is explained more in depth in the following slides!

What is DrysphereTM?

DrysphereTM is a custom designed activated alumina product line addressing the critical need for water removal from industrial liquids, gases, as well as, solid surface moisture reduction. Dynamic Adsorbents DrysphereTM is the ONLY activated alumina on the market that can extract and adsorb 50-62% of its own weight in water, which is over 3 times more than the standard alumina product offered by competitors. No other commercial media can remove as much water. It is the superior desiccant agent in the marketplace for the drying of industrial liquids and gases.

DAI to Competitor Isotherm Comparison Chart!

Dynamic Advantage!

Dynamic Adsorbents has built upon excellence in design and manufacturing by creating superior uniform alumina spheres demanded for the drying of industrial liquids and gases. These spheres offer superior drying and regeneration properties and are known as DrysphereTM. These proprietary Alumina spheres are manufactured as specialized desiccant agents.

DAI Quality Assurance!

Benefits of DrysphereTM !

The benefits of spherical DrySphereTM alumina is that they are easy to pack and very convenient to use. Because they are very permeable you can use them inline and not create a large pressure drop. You can dry gases and liquids. DrySphereTM preferentially adsorbs high polarity impurities as well as water.

DrysphereTM Specifications

Formula Al2O3
Molecular Weight 101.96
Main Components Oxide of Alumina
Melting Point >2046 Celsius
Color White
pH Value 9.5 (+/- 0.5)
Bulk Density 48 (lb/ft3)
Mean Particle Size 3mm (1/8 “)
Surface Area (BET) 290 m2/g
Water Soluble Matter <0.1%
LOI 6-8

DrysphereTM Surface interactions!

Air Dryers and Chambers!

DrySphereTM,is dust free and will
out perform industry
standard desiccants
and silica gel for the
amount of water that
is adsorbed/weight.,This is approximately
50-62% adsorption
of it’s own weight!

Drysphere for Solid product Protection!

Just like the packets of beads one sees in electronics and certain food packaging; DrysphereTM will remove moisture and reduce relative humidity within an enclosed environment, thus protecting product spoilage and damage associated with moisture to product contact! Food and food ingredients are preserved for extended storage!

Code of Federal Regulations

[Title 21, Volume 1][Revised as of April 1, 2013][CITE: 21CFR73.575]

2) Color additive mixtures for food use made with titanium dioxide may contain only those diluents that are suitable and that are listed in this subpart as safe in color additive mixtures for coloring foods, and the following: Silicon dioxide, SiO2and/or aluminum oxide, Al2O3, as dispersing aids--not more than 2 percent total.

Aluminum salts are incorporated into some vaccine formulations as an adjuvant to enhance the immune response in the vaccinated individual.8 The aluminum salts used in some U.S. licensed vaccines are aluminum hydroxide, aluminum phosphate, alum (potassium aluminum sulfate), or mixed aluminum salts. Aluminum hydroxide may be used in vaccines in amounts up to 25 μg/L in large volume parenteral drug products (21 CFR 201.323) and up to 1.25 μg/single dose, depending on calculation method (Table 6; 21 CFR 610.15).

Special Note
Aluminum hydroxide is Al2O3 upon adsorption of water!


 DrysphereTM Material Safety Data Sheet | Drysphere™ Brochure - English (PDF) | Shop Drysphere™ Online

Dynamic Adsorbents, Inc.’s Drysphere™ Alumina Answers Natural Gas Hydrate
Problem for Oil and Gas Drilling Companies


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