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Dynamic Adsorbents, Inc.’s Drysphere™ Alumina Answers Natural Gas Hydrate Problem for Oil and Gas Drilling Companies


NORCROSS, GA, MAY 12, 2010 – The recent Gulf of Mexico oil spill devastation has raised awareness about the natural gas hydrate problem experienced by BP.

The British global energy giant attempted to impede the flow of crude oil into the sea by implementing a containment dome onto the leaking pipe. Natural gas hydrates formed and clogged the dome after water came into contact with natural gas at high pressure and low temperature settings. Gas hydrates are common threats to the oil and gas industries and can be avoided by taking preventative measures.

DAI, a company dedicated to environmental cleanup and clean energy solutions manufactures the desiccant Drysphere™, a product that potentially avoids the problems BP is facing today.

Drysphere™ is a unique activated alumina chemically and physically modified to adsorb 36% of its own weight, considerably exceeding all other leading desiccants.

“Gas and oil companies are well aware of the potential devastation natural gas hydrates cause in situations like this,” said Dr. Mark Moskovitz, President and Chief Scientist. “By using a product like Drysphere™, necessary precautions are taken that avoid mass environmental destruction and preserve natural energy resources at the same time.”

With the ongoing controversy surrounding oil drilling, natural gas will become recognized as the next primary energy source. Due to abundant domestic resources, natural gas has the power to fuel the North American continent for the next 100 years. As with any other gas, natural gas must be stored and kept devoid of water in order to be resourceful. At a well encasement, Drysphere™ can be used at the point of drilling and at the point of use to assure maximum performance.

“DAI’s mission is to provide superior products for environmentally sustainable applications,” said Dr. Moskovitz. “And we are extremely proud of the products we are manufacturing and hope that oil and gas industries will take advantage of the superiority of Drysphere™ dehydrating alumina.”

DAI contacted the Deepwater Horizon Joint Information Center offering the required tonnage of Drysphere™ material to address the BP containment dome needs. It is currently unknown if BP will choose to accept the offer.

DAI applauds the actions of Secretary Salazar and Chu by offering our services for scientific and technical support surrounding this catastrophe, said Dr. Moskovitz.

For additional information on your environmental protection and energy needs, please contact Dr. Mark Moskovitz or visit or

About Dynamic Adsorbents, Inc.:

DAI is a global industry leader in the separation and purification sciences specializing in providing superior adsorbent and desiccant solutions.

According to independent lab tests, DAI boasts the highest quality, quality control and lot-to-lot consistency of any alumina in its industry.

DAI’s alumina can provide superior solutions for applications including: the removal of toxic metals from water, PCB removal, gas and liquid dehydration and pharmaceutical purifying and decolorization. DAI also offers the highest quality protection against bacteria, viruses and fungi thanks to its patented technology.


Dr. Mark Moskovitz
Dynamic Adsorbents Inc.
1-866-314-SORB (7672)
Norcross, GA USA

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