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DynaPharmaTM Pyrogen

A specially designed superior alumina for the removal of endotoxins and pyrogens from bacterial cell culture systems.

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The isolation of therapeutic molecules from bacterial cell growth is hampered by the need to remove endotoxins and pyrogens. Many different commercial techniques are in place in an attempt to remove these endotoxins, which are lipopolysaccharide components of bacterial cell walls.

DynaPharmaTM Pyrogen (formerly named Alumina P) using either column chromatography or batch processing methods, has proven to be a superior tool for the isolation and removal of pyrogens. The surface of activated alumina may be chemically modified to help enhance pyrogen removal. Furthermore, the amphoteric property of activated alumina offers unique purification advantages allowing Alumina P to be used either as a single step or as part of a two step purification process for the isolation and removal of endotoxins.

DAI offers a specially designed superior Alumina which may prove to be just what you need for the removal of endotoxins and pyrogens from your bacterial cell culture system.

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Chemical Pyrogen Removal Through the use of Activated Alumina

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