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Dynamic Adsorbents: activated alumina, silica gel, chromatography, drysphere, dynaflash

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Listed below are a series of frequently asked questions.  This page is also intended to act as a site index to ease navigation throughout the entire site.

If you have any specific questions for Dr. Moskovitz or the DAI technical support team, feel free to provide them in the form below.


Company Info

What is Dynamic Adsorbents? Why is DAI the best choice your adsorbent needs? How can I order Dynamic Products?
How can I view catalogs?  What do I need to know regarding ordering information  
Product Info    
What products does DAI manufacture or distribute? Explain more about adsorption, desiccants and sorbents What is activated alumina?
What is silica gel? Why is alumina superior to silica for most applications? How is DAI activated alumina superior to other alumina on the market?
For what applications can DAI activated alumina be used? What types of activated alumina does DAI manufacture? What activated alumina and other products are used for what applications?
What is DrySphereTM What is DynaFLASHTM? What is Dyna-AquaTM?
What is Dyna-AquaTM Lead? What is Dyna-AquaTM Copper What is Dyna-AquaTM Uranium?
What is Dyna-AquaTM Fluoride? What is Dyna-Aqua Oil SorbTM? What is DynaPharmaTM?
What is Dyna-PharmaTM Pyrogen? What is Dyna-EnergyTM? What are TLC Plates?
Applications Info
What applications can DAI products be used for? For what applications can DAI activated alumina be used? What activated alumina and other products are used for what applications?
How can activated alumina be used for gas dehydration? (article) How can activated alumina be used for natural plant alkaloids? (article) How can activated alumina be used for the isolation and purification of marine organisms (article)
Using activated alumina for lead removal (article) How can radioactive effluent waste from uranium enrichments plants (article) How can activated alumina be used for PCB removal? (article)
What is chromatography? How can activated alumina be used for lead removal (article) What is the impact of changes in EPA enforced environmental legislation regarding arsenic?  (article)
How can Vancomycin purification and extraction of other natural products used as pharmaceuticals (article)? What are the implications for lithium and the commercial introduction of electronic vehicles?  (article) What are some acute antimicrobial pesticide related illnesses among workers in health care facilities? (article)
How is azo dye decolorization by chemical, physical and biological techniques done? (article) How is radiopharmaceutical purity for nuclear medicine verified by thin layer chromatography? (article) How is thin layer chromatography used in the purification of lipids? (article)
How can thin layer chromatography be used to detect counterfeit drugs? (article) What are the benefits of thin layer chromatography for the pharmaceutical industry and
fingerprinting for isolating biologically active materials in indigenous medicinal plants?
How is activated alumina the superior solution for environmental cleanup, pharmaceutical purification and clean energy applications?
How can specialized alumina be used for decolorization? (article) How is alumina superior to silica gel? (article) Why should there be more careful scrutiny encouraged for the purification and quantitative testing of nutritional supplements? (article)
What are the technical specs for DAI alumina and silica based applications?    

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