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Company News

10/27/2010: Government Estimates of Oil in Gulf May Miss Mark - Dynamic's Dyna-Aqua Oil Sorb Discovers what NOAA's Canisters Could Not

Cocodrie, LA-- On a dock in Cocodrie, Paul Sammarco unfurls a 15-foot long piece of fabric, a highly absorbent cotton-like material, which may spark a whole new debate over how much oil remained in the Gulf of Mexico this summer. Dr. Sammarco and a team from the Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium (LUMCON) sampled waters two months after BP plugged its crippled well. He was astonished at what he found, samples that roughly mirrored the official estimates of NOAA scientists taken weeks earlier at the height of the spill and far closer to the spill site. "I kept looking at the data and looking at the data and asking, 'why are they the same?'" Sammarco said. "They shouldn't be the same."  More | Download Report (PDF)

Dyna-Aqua Oil Sorb Used by Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium to Determine the Presence of Petroleum Hydrocarbons and Corexit® in Water involved with the BP Oil Spill

The BP-Deep Horizon oil spill of April 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico was the worst in US history and one of the worst in the world. Contamination of inshore and offshore waters, beaches, salt marshes, bays, etc. has been widely reported, along with ill effects on estuarine and marine fauna. Reports of petroleum hydrocarbon and dispersant concentrations in the water have been variable. Shortly after the leaking well had been capped in July, the federal government announced that most of the 200,000,000 gallons of crude oil released into the Gulf of Mexico was no longer evident.

On August 20, 2010, Dr. Paul W. Sammarco of the Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium (LUMCON) conducted reconnaissance on the NW side of Timbalier Island and off Rock Island, Louisiana to determine the presence or absence of petroleum hydrocarbons in inshore Louisiana waters (Terrebonne Bay) using a new, state-of-the-art adsorbent material – Dyna-Aqua Oil Sorb™ from Dynamic Technology, Inc. The composition of petroleum hydrocarbons was determined along with their concentrations in the cloth and estimates of their concentrations in the seawater.
Press Release

CNBC: August 11, 2010 Dynamic Adsorbents, Inc. (DAI) Drysphere(TM) Alumina Product Prolongs Transformer Life, Promoting High Efficiency Energy Production Drysphere(TM), an activated alumina desiccant agent is proven to most effectively prolong and preserve transformer life by maintaining transformer oil insulation efficiency

DAI's Drysphere offers superior drying capabilities over any other desiccant product on the market, providing maximum performance and extended life of high efficiency oil transformers for energy transmission.

The electrical grid relies upon transformers' continuous delivery of power. When a transformer fails, a power outage occurs. Power outages and other interruptions in the electrical grid cost the U.S. economy at least $150 billion annually, computing to an annual loss of $500 per every woman, man and child in the U.S. Therefore, the removal of moisture and other byproducts of insulation degradation using high quality adsorbents is imperative for overall transformer life.  More

July 25, 2010  Spanish Version of Website Now Available

We are pleased to announce that our entire website as well as our catalog are available in Spanish. There are more than 500 million people in the Western hemisphere using Spanish as their native tongue and our interest lies in providing the best in both product and service for the Latino scientific community.

July 22, 2010  A landmark technical advance and superior product for Oil Absorption, now available for removing oil from sensitive coastal areas, will be demonstrated in Venice, LA. this weekend

Venice, LA: July 22, 2010 – Dyna-Aqua Oil Sorb™ absorbent sheeting, a breakthrough technology that captures 28X its weight in oil, versus 10-15X for typical absorbent boom, will be demonstrated several times on July 23-24 to key state and local officials, oil industry representatives and the media. More

July 21 2010 Edition of Textile World highlights Dynamic Adsorbent new technologies

“Aluminated Textiles” is the feature article in the July - August 2010 edition of Textile World. This article written by Managing Editor Janet Bealer Rodie lays out the novel incorporation of specialty activated aluminas into personal protective devices (PPD) as well as their incorporation into swipe products. Novel materials initially developed by DAI for use in chromatographic and separation technologies are now provided to the textile trade, by impregnating non-woven needlepunched fibers which can be incorporated in masks and garments. This article also introduces our audience to Dyna-Cidal, a unique Dynamic product which provides a level of antimicrobial activity heretofore not available to the scientific and environmental communities. More

July 20, 2010 (Atlanta, GA) DAI begins rollout of personal protective devices impregnated with Dyna-Cidal

Dynamic Adsorbents Inc. President and Chief Technical Officer Dr. Mark Moskovitz announced today that sampling and limited production output has begun for the initial personal protective devices impregnated with Dyna-Cidal. This initial product line includes respiratory masks and swipes. Certification for Dyna-Cidal has been obtained from participating CE nations and in the United States is still pending EPA approval. Dyna-Cidal is an anti-biocontaminant, proprietary non-toxic formulation which houses a unique silver compound within the pores of specially formulated alumina. For use in personal protective devices Dyna-Cidal is bonded to non woven fibers. These non woven fibers are produced by Hobbs Bonded Fibers, Inc. of Waco, Texas which applies the Dyna-Cidal material to needlepunched substrates. During extensive in vitro testing, the combination of silver, alumina and a reduction/oxidation agent incorporated in Dyna-Cidal provided protection against microorganism and spores at a speed and cell kill level heretofore not available to the medical and public health communities. The company welcomes inquiries for sampling and product specifications.

June 17, 2010: Feature Textile World Article: Dynamic Adsorbents Partners With Hobbs Bonded Fibers To Develop Cotton And Alumina-based Solution For Removing Oil From Gulf Of Mexico

The British Petroleum (BP) oil spill controversy is raising eyebrows all over the world. Why? Not just because it is spewing an unprecedented volume of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico every day, but because proven technologies are being overlooked that can dramatically reduce the effects of the oil spill on our environment and marine wildlife. Dr. Mark Moskovitz, President and CTO of Dynamic Adsorbents, Inc. (DAI), Norcross (Atlanta) Ga., has spent his career in separation technology and is outraged by the oil spill clean-up decisions. Textile World Article | Press Release

May 17, 2010: Spectrum Chemicals and Laboratory Products Becomes DAI Distributor 

The domestic distribution network for the Dynamic Adsorbents product line continues to grow. We are pleased to announce that effective May 1st you may purchase the product line through Spectrum Chemicals and Laboratory Products. They are a customer focused supplier of high quality chemicals, laboratory supplies and equipment, and a Division of Spectrum Chemicals Mfg. Corp. While we welcome your purchasing directly from Dynamic Adsorbents, our product line is being carried by an increasing number of regional, national and international distributors This distributor adds to the growing list of purveyors offering our expanding line of superior silica and alumina media, Drysphere™ TLC plates and other support products for your environmental, pharmaceutical and separation needs.

May 12: Dynamic Adsorbents, Inc.’s Drysphere™ Alumina Answers Natural Gas Hydrate Problem for Oil and Gas Drilling Companies

The recent Gulf of Mexico oil spill devastation has raised awareness about the natural gas hydrate problem experienced by BP. The British global energy giant attempted to impede the flow of crude oil into the sea by implementing a containment dome onto the leaking pipe. Natural gas hydrates formed and clogged the dome after water came into contact with natural gas at high pressure and low temperature settings. Gas hydrates are common threats to the oil and gas industries and can be avoided by taking preventative measures.  DAI, a company dedicated to environmental cleanup and clean energy solutions manufactures the desiccant Drysphere™, a product that potentially avoids the problems BP is facing today. More

May 8, 2010: DAI Offers Deepwater Horizon Unified Command their DrysphereTM Free of Charge to Resolve Problems with Oil Spill

DAI has offered to the Deepwater Horizon Unified Command their Drysphere technology in an attempt to resolve complications associated with the use of the dome to cap the unchecked oil spill with the BP well on the floor of the Gulf Coast. This should be able to resolve the problems which have been caused by gas hydration and ice cystallites

May 7, 2010: DAI Activated Alumina Product Responds to PCB Contamination Problem in Fish Oil Supplements

A recent lawsuit in California raises attention to fish oil supplement manufacturers distributing products containing illegal levels of the toxic chemical Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs). The Mateel Environmental Justice Foundation conducted an experiment on 10 different fish oil supplements that all contained PCBs. Three out of the 10 supplements drastically exceeded the California legal daily carcinogen exposure limit of 90 nanograms. More | NPI Center

May 1, 2010: Dr. Mark Moskovitz, Chief Scientist at Dynamic Adsorbents in Norcross, Georgia has been named interim Editor in Chief for four Taylor & Francis Scientific Journals 

Taylor & Francis, the international academic publisher announced today that Dr. Mark Moskovitz, Chief Scientist at Dynamic Adsorbents, Norcross, GA has become interim Editor in Chief for four of their highly respected peer reviewed scientific journals. The appintment is as of April 1, 2010.

The journals for which Dr. Moskovitz will oversee editing are Instrumentation "Science and Technology", "Journal of Immunoassay & Immunochemistry", "Preparative Biochemistry and Biotechnology" and "Journal of Liquid Chromatography & Related Technologies". Additionally Dr. Moskovitz will advise the publisher on the next iteration of the reference text Encyclopedia of Chromatography.

Dr. Moskovitz was selected by the publisher due to his lifelong commitment to the separation sciences and his internationally recognized expertise in separation techniques and equipment. He is the holder of multiple worldwide patents in the life and separation sciences. He wrote the article on Dry Column Chromatography in the Encyclopedia of Chromatography's 3rd edition.

Taylor & Francis is a leading international academic publisher, with offices in London, Brighton, Basingstoke and Abingdon in the United Kingdom, New York and Philadelphia in the United States, and Singapore and Melbourne in the Pacific Rim. It is a publicly held corporation, listed on the London Stock Exchange.

DAI Announces Product Line Distribution by VWR International

Dynamic Adsorbents, Inc. is pleased to announce that effective immediately, our entire product line is being distributed by VWR International. DAI is pleased to join the ranks of other top suppliers and manufacturers, such as Applied Scientific, Carl Zeiss, Kimberly Clark, and Welch Allyn. More

DAI Team Featured in Encyclopedia of Chromatography, Third Edition

Mark Moskovitz, Ph.D., and Gary Witman, MD,  co-wrote the chapter on flash chromatography for the Encyclopedia of Chromatography, Third Edition, published in November, 2009 by Taylor and Francis. 

DAI Offers Catalog in Spanish

DAI offers a version of its print catalog in Spanish available for viewing online.  More

DAI Launches Dyna-Aqua™ Line of Alumina Products for Removal of Toxic Metals and Materials from Water

The Dyna-Aqua line of specialized alumina oxides represents an extraordinary breakthrough in the removal of toxic metals and other toxic materials from water. The Dyna-Aqua line of specialized alumina provides a much simpler, reproducible and cost effective solution using specially modified alumina oxides which are able to bind toxic metals and other industrial chemicals and then lead to their easy disposal. Compared to other existing technologies, there is no more efficient and cost effective solution for the isolation and removal of toxic compounds from our water supply. DAI-Aqua specialty alumina oxides are manufactured to rigorous standards and are customized for each toxic water borne compound.   More

Dynamic Adsorbents’ Alumina Judged Best in Industry

Dynamic Adsorbents’ Alumina products have been found by independent laboratory analysis to be demonstrably superior due to a low amount of fines compared with major competitors and with the least amount of trace metal impurities compared with all other competitor’s products. When announcing the results, DAI President Dr. Mark Moskovitz said, “Our line of adsorbents offer precisely what chromatographers have come to expect from all DAI products – the best alumina, the best silica and the best bonded phase packing material available for academic or industrial usage.” More

New Product Announcement: DynaFLASH™ prepackaged cartridges

The DynaFLASH™ family of prepackaged cartridge products is designed to achieve high resolution separations with injections of complex mixtures. High purity fractions are collected due to the superior resolution of the prepackaged silica and alumina. The cartridge is only as good as the contents, and DAI offers the best silica and alumina in the industry. Using the best materials leads to a higher compound recovery, saving significant cost and time as fewer fractions require purity analysis. DynaFLASH™ provides tight particle and pore size distribution and a low level of fines. Each cartridge is a pre compressed, disposable flash column containing either superior premium grade spherical silica or spherical alumina. Cartridge pre compression provides superior mass transfer. More

DrySphere™ Activated Alumina Offers the Best Drying and Regeneration Properties on the Market Today

DrySphere™ is a new high technology unique to Dynamic Adsorbents providing dust free, spherical activated Alumina manufactured and designed to optimize desiccant performance.

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