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Dynamic Adsorbents: activated alumina, silica gel, chromatography, drysphere, dynaflash

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A landmark technical advance and superior product for Oil Absorption, now available for removing oil from sensitive coastal areas, will be demonstrated in Venice, LA. this weekend

Venice, LA: July 22, 2010 – Dyna-Aqua OIL SORB™ absorbent sheeting, a breakthrough technology that captures 28X its weight in oil, versus 10-15X for typical absorbent boom, will be demonstrated several times on July 23-24 to key state and local officials, oil industry representatives and the media.

This new oil absorbent sheeting’s unique features include

• lightweight yet holds up to extraction of captured oil for recycling
• easily cut and shaped for specialized application in marshland and other challenging environments
• re-usable
• environmentally safe
• biodegradable in landfills

Samples of the Dyna-Aqua OIL SORB™ sheeting will be out-placed in oil contaminated areas near Venice on Friday, July 23rd, supervised by Paul Sammarco, PhD of the Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium. Dr. Sammarco will provide technical assistance in positioning the absorbent sheeting on and under contaminated bay and marsh waters.

The sheeting will then be towed to Cypress Cove Marina (235 Cypress Cove Road by the back down ramp) in Venice for the demonstrations and where an extractor machine will recover oil from the Dyna-Aqua OIL SORB™ sheeting to demonstrate re-usability. The Dyna-Aqua OIL SORB™ sheeting will then be re-deployed to repeatedly capture oil. Demonstrations are scheduled for Saturday, July 24 at 10 am and at
3 pm, and on Sunday, July 25 at noon.

Dyna-Aqua OIL SORB™ inventor, Dr. Mark Moskovitz, President of Dynamic Adsorbents, Inc., has over 39 years of experience in developing and utilizing chromatographic techniques in the field of separation technology. Dyna-Aqua OIL SORB™ is a development of this technology. Dr. Moskovitz has lectured extensively around the world, and has been granted over 45 patents nationally and internationally. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Liquid Chromatography and Related Technologies.

Dynamic Technology, Ltd, manages the sales and marketing for Dynamic Adsorbents, Inc. for this application.

For further information contact:
C.D. Pat Patterson, President, Dynamic Technology, Ltd.

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