How Is DAI Activated Alumina Superior

How Is DAI Activated Alumina Superior to Other Alumina on the Market?

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For many applications, alumina is superior to silica gel. Using Dynamic Adsorbents alumina increases that advantage even more.


The DAI team wrote the book when it comes to alumina. Literally, not figuratively. For over 30 years innovations by the DAI team have played a major role in the exponential growth of the use of alumina for separation technologies. Standardized alumina has become synonymous with Dynamic Adsorbents. Never before has a company produced an adsorbent that has such a high degree of reproducibility when used in laboratory and plant operations.

Dynamic Adsorbents’ activated alumina and silica gel products have been found by independent laboratory analysis to be demonstrably superior due to a low amount of fines compared with major competitors and with the least amount of trace metal impurities compared with all other competitor’s products. Read more about the study.

It is the ONLY company manufacturing specialized and customized alumina to handle the widest range of applications for the environmental and pharmaceutical industries.

DAI advantages over competitors include the following:

  1. Superior quality: Independent lab analysis shows that DAI’s alumina is superior in quality to anything in the marketplace, containing virtually no traces of metals – the least amount of metals compared with competitor’s products. Read more about the study
  2. Customization: DAI is the only company that can customize alumina for a specific application.
  3. Greater capacity and effectiveness.
  4. Widest range and more types of specialized alumina products: Dynamic Adsorbents is the only company offering a full range of alumina products that can handle a much wider range of applications. DAI offers the largest number of pore sizes and more quantity options than anyone in the industry. DAI is the market leader in chromatographic quality alumina.
  5. Widest range of applications: DAI’s alumina can be used for pharmaceutical, industrial, biohazard, bioterrorism, research, toxic waste, environmental cleanup, gas and liquid dehydration applications. They can be used to remove: PCBs, insecticides, radioactive contamination, lead, toxic waste, heavy metals, colors or dyes, and chemical pyrogens
  6. Careful control of the entire manufacturing process making DAI unique in the industry in insuring high quality and uniformity, standardization, reproducible performance and optimized results
  7. High inventory of alumina allowing 24 hour global shipping in most instances.
  8. Unique DrySphere™ Product optimizes desiccant performance and dehydrates gas or liquid in a way that no other product can offer. DrysphereTM are used for dehydrating LC solvents by placing them directly in the solvent reservoir and for removing various solvent vapors from air. Read more
  9. Particle distribution is kept extremely tight providing you with reproducible results, both lot to lot and when you need to scale up.
  10. Unique but trend setting in establishing the manufacturing criteria in alumina grading
  11. Aggressive pricing: Because transactions are in US dollars, DAI can offer competitive pricing for global demand.
  12. Optional Packaging: Alumina can be purchased in bulk quantities or in the DynaFLASH™ family of pre-packaged, refillable or disposable cartridges.

In short, Dynamic Adsorbents is the only company offering a comprehensive range of high quality alumina and silica gel products that are superior to anything in the marketplace and can handle a much wider range of applications than any other competitor.

DAI’s role over the coming years is to remain in the forefront of separation and environmental cleanup technology by creating exciting new alumina and other products and solutions that most effectively deal with problems and issues impacting upon transportation, energy and public safety needs. Our goals are clearly focused. Stay tuned to this website for exciting news about product launches. We promise to demonstrate DAI’s role in working with government agencies, cutting edge scientific laboratories and companies to more effectively deal with many of the longstanding and growing problems facing our country as we help develop a cleaner and safer environment and better protect the public.

News Release and Chart


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