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What Types of Activated Alumina Does DAI Manufacture?

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General Alumina

Standardized alumina has become synonymous with Dynamic Adsorbents.  Alumina for chromatography has contributed to the continued growing use of this material in a diverse number of applications. DAI’s aluminas are unique products; e.g., Super I, Standard Activity I, etc. High activity alumina can be used for polar samples in nonpolar solvents, and for the purification of solvents. The chemical activity of alumina can be dampered by simply adding a polar compound such as water. Each application requirement can be resolved via simple adjustment of the sorption system.

DAI produces unique specialty aluminas that address requirements for  PCB removal, pyrogen removal, purifying and separating product formulations in the radioactive field, solvent purification, pilot and process, gas and liquid dehydration, removal of lead and heavy metals from water, scavenger alumina for impurities, decolorization, and removal of arsenic from water, among other specialty requirements.

Dynamic Adsorbents, Inc. aluminas are manufactured and quality assured providing world class laboratory and pilot process chromatographic materials. DAI is unique in the industry in controlling the manufacturing process from raw material to finished product.  DAI carefully controls the physical characteristics of pore size, surface area, particle size and surface chemistry to ensure reproducible optimized chromatographic behavior for:

  • k’ – uniform capacity – reproducible selectivity
  • RS- improved resolution
  • N – excellent performance

Careful attention is paid to quality control procedures providing reproducible performance regardless of the technique used, allowing seamless transfer from one technique to another.

Product Description
Super I Activity Super activity I aluminas are unique to Dynamic Adsorbents. They demonstrate approximately twice the capacity when compared to Standard activity l. Available surface modifications consist of “A” (Acid), “B” (Basic), and “N” (Neutral). Super I aluminas show an approximate double capacity as compared to Activity I. Super I does not have to be deactivated in steps. By following the appropriate deactivation curves, deactivation can be achieved in minute increments. Deactivation behavior by the following procedures makes it relatively easy to obtain the desired activity.Use high activity alumina (standard activity I, super activity l) for the separation of polar samples in nonpolar solvent systems and for the purification of solvents. Use lower activity alumina for less polar samples.

Deactivation Behavior

By following the procedures below, it is relatively easy to obtain the desired activity.

Deactivation Behavior – Alumina

Activity Grade
Alumina Type Super I I II III IV V
Super I – A,B,N 0 1 4 7 10 19% Water Added
Std Act I – A,B,N  0 3 6 10 15% Water Added
A = Acid, B = Basic, N = Neutral

Deactivation Procedure(s)

The % water addition shown above are based upon weight / weight relationships; these relationships are critical and any deviation may result in obtaining improper activity.

To reproducively obtain the desired activity, weigh an appropriate amount of alumina into a stoppered glass bottle. Add the appropriate weight of water to the alumina and close the bottle. For example, 97 g of alumina + 3 g H20 = 3% water addition. Shake well until all lumps disappear. Wait until the mixture has cooled to room temperature. Keep the container closed so that equilibrium conditions remain constant

Standard Activity I Alumina standard activity I is available with various surface modifications to facilitate the separation of a wide range of compounds. In addition to pH, the activity on the surface of alumina can mediate the separation.
Activity II, III Alumina Economical adsorbents of medium activity. Use this material for general purpose scouting and for cases where the use of carbon black is precluded due to its organic nature. Also, use alumina II – III as a replacement for organic/polymeric ion exchangers, especially when it is necessary to overcome problems associated with temperature and radiation cleavage.
Dry Column Chromatography (DCC) Alumina A versatile Prep LC method bridging the gap between analytical TLC and preparative column chromatography. (Request DCC Application Guide).
‘Flash” Alumina Flash Chromatography is a rapid prep LC technique that facilitates the separation of 0.1 – 10 g of material via simple economical laboratory protocols. See Flash Chromatography
Specialty Aluminas
Alumina C for PCB Removal A chemically and physically modified Alumina for the analysis and removal of PCB’s. This material finds wide use and application in/for:

  • Analysis
  • Environmental clean-Up
  • Solvent purification
  • Electric utilities: transformer oil
  • Soil, water studies
DynaPharmaTMPyrogen This material was developed specifically for the removal of pyrogens in solution. Pyrogens are typically complex carbohydrates which preferentially sorb to DynaPharmaTM Pyrogen. It is ideal for antibiotic production and other types of bio-technology products. More
Alumina for Solvent Purification Alumina is an excellent media for many solvent clean-up applications.
Alumina for Pilot and Process DAI is the ONLY company in the industry with the expertise to fabricate and manufacture large quantities of specialty aluminas that can be produced according to customers’ demanding scale up specifications. Contact us to request information and technical assistance.
DrysphereTM A new high technology, dust free, spherical activated Alumina manufactured and designed to optimize desiccant performance. More information about Drysphere.TM
Dyna-Aqua Oil SorbTM First use of specialized alumina to impregnate special nonwoven fibers in order to clean up oil spills from the ocean. More information about Dyna-Aqua Oil SorbTM
Dyna-AquaTMUranium Effective chemical adsorption media designed specifically for the removal of uranium from water and wastewater. Produced with DAI’s unique, patented technology, Dyna-AquaTM Uranium results in a material with superior performance and capacities – exhibiting high selectivity in the presence of competing ions with good kinetics over a broad operating range.  Designed and manufactured to address the pressing needs outlined by the Federal Statutes monitored by the Office of Environmental Management, Department of Energy, Dyna-AquaTM Uranium provides a more efficient means to remove effluent from groundwater and surface water at radioactive environmental waste sites. More
Alumina R An alumina used for purifying, separating, and product formulations in the radio-active field; used for the production of various generators where one isotope is retained while the other is eluted. Its improved exchange properties and the constant elution behavior will contribute to its reliability.
Dyna-AquaTMLead 2000 A large particle (+200 micron) specially modified, chemically treated Alumina that has been designed for the removal of metal ions, especially dissolved lead and other cations from water. For more information, request the AL 2000 Product Bulletin.
AL 2100 – Scavenger Alumina for Process Clean-up Used for process scale removal of impurities. Its high macroporosity improves diffusion rates and the high surface area provides enhanced capacity. Typical applications include:

  • Removal of peroxides from hydrocarbons and ethers
  • Peroxide adsorption from solvents for ultraviolet spectroscopy
  • Dehydration of organic solvents with super active adsorbents
  • Removal of alcohol from chloroform
  • Purification of organic solvents for optical purposes
  • Purification of hydrocarbons and silicone oil for UV
AL 2300 – For Bio-Mass Clean-up Designed for removing bio-mass in nutraceutical or natural product purification.
Dyna-AquaTMLead 5000 A +50 micron spheroidal Alumina that can readily remove Lead and other heavy metals from Water. Metal Cation selectivity is Fe III> Cr III> Al III> Pb> Ag II> Zn II> Co II> Cd II.
AL 5005 for Decolorization A50 micron spheroidal, macroporous high surface area, high performance Alumina, for the removal of color, dyes, and clean-up of water.
AL 5500 for Arsenic Removal from Water Stay posted for new proprietary technology that will soon be available.
AL 5788 for Dioxin Analysis
A 50-200 micron particle specially developed for dioxin analysis.
AL 5900 Activated Wide-Pore Alumina Available in various pore sizes up to a macropore of 1000Å . Ideal for Biotechnology, environmental, and petroleum uses.


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