Dynamic Adsorbents, Inc. (DAI) Drysphere(TM) Alumina Product Prolongs Transformer Life, Promoting High Efficiency Energy Production Drysphere(TM), an activated alumina desiccant agent is proven to most effectively prolong and preserve transformer life by maintaining transformer oil insulation efficiency

DAI’s Drysphere™ offers superior drying capabilities over any other desiccant product on the market, providing maximum performance and extended life of high efficiency oil transformers for energy transmission.

The electrical grid relies upon transformers’ continuous delivery of power. When a transformer fails, a power outage occurs. Power outages and other interruptions in the electrical grid cost the U.S. economy at least $150 billion annually, computing to an annual loss of $500 per every woman, man and child in the U.S. Therefore, the removal of moisture and other byproducts of insulation degradation using high quality adsorbents is imperative for overall transformer life.

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