Government Estimates of Oil in Gulf May Miss Mark – Dynamic’s Dyna-Aqua Oil Sorb™ Discovers what NOAA’s Canisters Could Not

Cocodrie, LA — On a dock in Cocodrie, Paul Sammarco unfurls a 15-foot long piece of fabric, a highly absorbent cotton-like material, which may spark a whole new debate over how much oil remained in the Gulf of Mexico this summer. Dr. Sammarco and a team from the Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium (LUMCON) sampled waters two months after BP plugged its crippled well. He was astonished at what he found, samples that roughly mirrored the official estimates of NOAA scientists taken weeks earlier at the height of the spill and far closer to the spill site. “I kept looking at the data and looking at the data and asking, ‘why are they the same?'” Sammarco said. “They shouldn’t be the same.”

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