Drysphere™ Activated Alumina Spheres

Dynamic Adsorbents Drysphere™ is the ONLY activated alumina on the market that can extract and adsorb 60% of its own weight in water, which is 3 times more than the standard alumina product offered by competitors. No other commercial media can remove as much water. It is the superior desiccant agent in the marketplace for the drying of industrial liquids and gases.

Dynamic Adsorbents “Drysphere”™ activated alumina and desiccant offers the best drying and regeneration properties on the market today. It is a new high technology unique to Dynamic Adsorbents providing dust free, spherical activated Alumina manufactured and designed to optimize desiccant performance. Drysphere™ is a custom designed activated alumina product line addressing the critical need for water removal from industrial liquids and gases.

Demonstrated industrial applications include the drying of liquids such as benzene, oils, transformer oils and xylene as well as elemental gases such as argon, helium, hydrogen and oxygen. It has a special indication in the purification of compressed air and C02. Uniform alumina spheres are sized according to your specific industrial requirements.

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