Dyna-Aqua™ Fluoride

A wide pore specialized alumina designed to remove fluoride from municipal and industrial waste

This wide pore specialized activated alumina is designed to address municipal and industrial waste water needs. High concentrations of natural fluorides are of significance in some regions of the United States including New Mexico, West Texas, Colorado, Indiana and Illinois. Additionally fluorides are a waste product in association with glass manufacturing, electroplating, and the production of steel and aluminum, pesticides, fertilizer and semiconductor manufacturing. The maximum contaminant level for fluoride established by the Environmental Protection Agency is established at 4 parts per million, with a secondary standard set at 2 parts per million. Removal of fluoride from municipal and industrial waste water may be obtained by precipitation, as well as membrane and adsorption processes. The best way, bar none, to reduce the concentration of fluoride to 1 part per million or less is through adsorption onto specially designed wide pore size activated alumina.

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