Dyna-Aqua™ Lead

A cost-effective custom designed alumina based metal oxide for the removal of lead from industrial wastewater

Water characteristics promoting the corrosion of water include low pH, low total dissolved solids, high water temperature and high concentrations of dissolved gases such as oxygen or carbon dioxide. Lead levels are monitored by the Environmental Protection Agency and cumulative exposure can lead to irreversible damage to the gastrointestinal, hematologic and nervous systems and may cause death.

Dyna-Aqua™ Lead is a custom designed large particle activated alumina based metal oxide for the removal of lead from industrial wastewater with an effective size of greater than 200 microns. It is specifically designed, modified and chemically treated in order to enhance the removal of dissolved lead from a water stream. It is ideal for point of use applications and more cost efficient and less energy intensive than reverse osmosis, the only other commercially available point of use technology. Dyna-Aqua™ Lead offers a cost efficient, simple and reliable solution for municipal, industrial and home use needs.

Lead transported through the water system comes from:

  • Lead piping
  • Lead solder
  • Stabilizers used in the extrusion of PVC piping
  • Brass fittings which are composed of copper, zinc and lead corroding when chloramines are used to disinfect water, leading to the production of ammonia

Dyna-Aqua™ Lead provides benefits superior to either chemical precipitation or ion exchange, commercial techniques which are costly due to the high cost of required chemicals.

Adsorption results show pH dependency with a Freundlich isotherm fit. Activated alumina possesses both Lewis and Bronsted acidic and basic sites. While being amphoteric alumina works best for lead removal when the pH of the aqueous stream is in the pH range of 5.5 to 6.0.

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