The only cartridges filled with the highest quality alumina and silica in the industry

Dynamic Adsorbents introduced the DynaFLASH™ family of prepackaged cartridge products in response to the demanding needs of the chromatography community. These products provide a cost effective solution and incorporate superior packing materials in a prepared packaged form.

The DynaFLASH™ family of prepackaged cartridge products is designed to achieve high resolution separations with injections of complex mixtures. High purity fractions are collected due to the superior resolution of the prepackaged silica and alumina. The cartridge is only as good as the contents, and DAI offers the best silica and alumina in the industry.

Using the best materials leads to a higher compound recovery, saving significant cost and time as fewer fractions require purity analysis. DynaFLASH™ provides tight particle and pore size distribution and a low level of fines. Each cartridge is a pre compressed, disposable flash column containing either superior premium grade spherical silica or spherical alumina. Cartridge pre compression provides superior mass transfer.

Features of DAI DynaFLASH™ products include:

  • Independent laboratory analysis has demonstrated the superiority and low amount of fines of DAI Flash grade silica compared with major competitors, and determined DAI’s silica and alumina have the least amount of metals compared with all other competitor’s products.
  • Our silica, alumina and bonded phase materials are standardized in the manufacturing process, and thus we can offer to you lot to lot reproducibility.
  • We offer a comprehensive line of pore size and particle distribution for both silica and alumina materials.
  • DAI alumina and silica materials have virtually no traces of metals. Particle distribution is kept extremely tight providing you with reproducible results, both lot to lot and when you need to scale up.
  • All cartridges can come with MSDS sheets, as well as Certificates of Analysis if requested.
  • DynaFLASH™ Cartridges are compatible with the Isco, Jones, or Biotage Flash Systems
  • Choose from a wide variety of aluminas, silicas, both with a variety of pore sizes, and particle distribution ranges
  • Choose normal phase or bonded phases
  • Excellent packing and storage qualities
  • Leak free
  • High recoveries
  • Strict quality control
  • Clean, pre-packed, disposable polypropylene (or high density Polyethylene) cartridges

The DynaFLASH™ family of cartridges offers precisely what you have come to expect from all DAI products – the best silica, the best alumina and the best bonded phase packing material available for academic or industrial usage.

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