Activated alumina provides an optimum solution for recent Gulf Coast oil and Hungarian sludge spills

Dr. Mark Moskovitz, Dr. Gary Witman

Dynamic Adsorbents’ unique activated alumina products, Dyna-Aqua Oil SorbTM, and other products in the Dyna-AquaTM line, provide the optimal solutions for removing the oil and sludge from the water, while removing the CorexitTM from the water (oil spill) and removing toxic metals from the sludge.

Dynamic representatives are in discussion with US local and federal government officials, and Hungarian officials, to use these products to deal with the recent disasters.

The Gulf Coast/BP oil spill and more recent Hungarian toxic red sludge spill are just the latest environment disasters causing substantial problems for people, wildlife, and the overall environment. The immediate and long term impact to the regions affected can be devastating to all forms of life as well as the land, sea and air. While it is hoped that greater precautions and/or regulations will minimize future disasters, it is essential that governments throughout the world are better prepared should they occur.

Dynamic Adsorbents’ highest quality, specialized activated alumina has proven to be the best solution for many environmental cleanup applications.

Activated alumina is an aluminum oxide that is highly porous and exhibits tremendous surface area. It is resistant to thermal shock and abrasion and will not shrink, swell, soften nor disintegrate when immersed in water.

Surface areas are in the range of 150-350 m2/gram. Because it has a higher capacity for water than Silica Gel at elevated temperatures it has replaced silica gel as a desiccant for warm gases including air.

Alumina can be used for chromatographic separation and to remove toxic and other harmful elements from a number of substances. It can provide the optimal solution to clean and purify a wide range of substances across a wide range of applications, and be a potent tool to deal with many environmental disasters and problems.

What separates Dynamic’s activated alumina from that of competitors are 2 things: 1) Independent tests show it to be the highest quality and purity in the industry; and 2) Dynamic’s unique ability to alter the pore and particle size allow it’s alumina products to be used for the widest range of applications in the industry, including many environmental cleanup applications and natural disasters.

In addition to ready-made products, Dynamic can customize alumina to meet the specific needs of companies or deal with pressing environment and health and safety issues, such as the recent spills.

Dynamic’s Dyna-AquaTM product line was developed to remove toxic metals from water, including uranium, copper, lead, and fluoride. Dynamic developed Dyna-Aqua Oil SorbTM in response to the Gulf Coast Oil Spill. It consists of alumina impregnated cotton that can not only scoop up the oil from the ocean, but remove the CorexitTM (what many consider to be a harmful substance used to disperse the oil) from the water.

For the Hungarian sludge spill, Dyna-Aqua Oil SorbTM can remove the sludge, while other products in the Dyna-AquaTM line remove the toxic metals from the sludge.

Dynamic Adsorbents stands ready with existing or customized products to help other governments or agencies be better prepared to deal with actual or potential problems that can impact negatively on our environment.