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DAI Wrote the Book on Alumina

DAI is unique – offering superior products and services for the widest range of applications compared with our competitors

While other companies merely sell you products off the shelves, DAI team members are the innovators when it comes to using alumina and silica today. DAI has been trend setting in establishing the manufacturing criteria in alumina grading. Many of the widely accepted, patented techniques and technologies regarding the use of alumina and silica for environmental cleanup, bio-pharmaceutical purification, gas and liquid dehydration, lithium purification and chromatography were developed by the DAI team over the past 30 years.

The DAI Advantage

  • Best Experience and Expertise: The DAI team wrote the book on alumina, setting the standard for how alumina is graded and used for the past 30 years.
  • Highest Quality Alumina and Silica: Independent lab tests show the highest quality alumina and silica in the industry, containing the least amount of trace metals and fines. More
  • Highest Quality Control and Consistency: The only company using standardized manufacturing procedures to insure the highest lot-to-lot uniformity. All DAI products are manufactured under ISO 9001 manufacturing standards.
  • Specialization and Application Orientation: The only company manufacturing many specialized alumina products targeted to the widest range of applications in the industry.
  • Customization: The only company customizing activated alumina to meet the specific needs of clients
  • Solution Orientation The only company developing and offering new and current products to 1) meet the specific application needs of clients, 2) provide the most cost-effective solutions to best meet client needs and goals, and 3) deal with some of the most pressing environmental and medical health and safety issues facing the world today.

DAI doesn’t just sell products off the shelves – we strive to find and develop the best performing products and solutions

How can DAI make these claims?

DAI’s mission since the beginning has been to develop better, more efficient solutions for separation technology and purification, and to deal with some of the most pressing environmental, health, and other threats to the health and safety of people throughout the world.

Experience – We wrote the book on alumina

The DAI team has 35 years of chromatography experience. We hold several patents on time-honored solutions for enhanced purification and separation solutions. Many of the technologies and techniques developed by the DAI team are used for the grading and use of alumina today. DAI team members also authored the Flash Chromatography Chapter of the 3rd edition of the Encyclopedia of Chromatography, published last year.

Superior quality

All DAI products are manufactured under ISO 9001 manufacturing standards.

Independent lab tests show that DAI’s alumina and silica are the highest quality on the market, containing the least amounts of trace metals and fines when compared to competitor’s products. In addition, our careful control of pore and particle size, along with surface area and chemistry, provide the greatest uniformity available. DAI Flash grade silica provides 18-24% more consistency than silica from any competitive vendor. Our unique Drysphere™ product optimizes desiccant performance and dehydrates gas or liquid in a way that no other product can offer. They are used for dehydrating LC solvents by placing them directly in the solvent reservoir and for removing various solvent vapors from air. It is the ONLY activated alumina on the market that can extract and adsorb 36% of its own weight in water, which is 3 times more than the standard alumina product offered by competitors, 20% more than silica and 32% more than Drierite™.

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Greater Quality Control

Thanks to its total control of the manufacturing process, DAI can insure the highest quality, preciseness, and consistency assuring a standardized and reproducible product for the smallest laboratory to the largest pharmaceutical facility. Careful control of alumina’s and silica’s physical characteristics of pore size, surface area, particle size and surface chemistry ensure reproducible optimized chromatographic behavior for uniform capacity, reproducible selectivity, improved resolution and excellent performance. Particle distribution is kept extremely tight providing you with reproducible results, both lot to lot and when you need to scale up.

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Widest range of applications

DAI is the only company offering a full range (more than 20) of specialized and customized alumina products, many of which are unique, that can handle a much wider range of applications than competitors’ products. DAI offers the largest number of pore and particle sizes and more quantity options than anyone in the industry. In addition to chromatography and separation sciences, DAI’s alumina can be used for pharmaceutical purification, industrial, biohazard, bioterrorism, research, toxic waste, environmental cleanup, lithium separation and purification, and gas and liquid dehydration applications. They can be used to remove: PCBs, insecticides, radioactive contamination, lead, copper, uranium, fluoride and other heavy metals, toxic waste, metals, colors or dyes, and pyrogens, among other things. In short, DAI is the only adsorbents company providing current and new, cost-effective solutions to some of the most dangerous health and safety threats to people throughout the world.


DAI is the only company that customizes activated alumina for specific applications. We accomplish this by modifying pore and particle sizes, tweaking the acid and base binding capabilities, and bonding side change with alumina.

Solution Orientation

DAI doesn’t just provide products – our goal is to provide the most cost-effective solutions possible. Our quality, variety, technical experience, ability to customize and service allow us to be your best choice to provide the best, most cost-effective solution for your purification, separation, and environmental cleanup needs.

High inventory

Product inventories allow 24 hour shipping in most instances.

Many high quality packaging options

Includes attractive sturdy, durable “Dynamic Blue” barrels.

Aggressive pricing

Because transactions are in US dollars, DAI can offer competitive pricing for global demand.