DAI Wrote the Book on Alumina – Producing the Highest Quality of Alumina in the Industry

The DAI team wrote the book when it comes to activated alumina. Literally, not figuratively. For over 40 years innovations by the DAI team have played a major role in the exponential growth of the use of alumina for chromatography and other separation technologies. Standardized Alumina has become synonymous with Dynamic Adsorbents. Never before has an adsorbent been more precisely standardized and introduced such a high degree of reproducibility when used in laboratory and plant operations. This leadership lent its impulses to all other Dynamic Adsorbents’ products such as silica gels and products for thin layer chromatography, liquid chromatography and the preparative link between TLC and column chromatography: dry column chromatography.

DAI’s alumina for chromatography has contributed to the continued growing use of this material in a diverse number of applications. Indeed, the major reason for this growth has been our contribution to the standardization of the manufacturing process. This has resulted in standardized grades of alumina that are very well controlled and defined.

Dynamic Adsorbents’ aluminas are manufactured and quality assured providing world class laboratory and pilot process chromatographic materials. We carefully control the manufacturing process from raw material to finished product including physical characteristics of pore size, surface area, particle size and surface chemistry to ensure reproducible optimized chromatographic behavior, making us unique in the industry.

Advantages of DAI alumina include:

  • The highest quality of alumina in the industry according to independent lab tests (Read More)
  • Unique forms of alumina that are superior to anything else in the industry
  • Control of the manufacturing process from raw material to finished product insuring the highest quality and standardization
  • Specialty aluminas targeted towards particular applications
  • Customization to unique or specific needs of companies
  • Purchasing options that include bulk purchasing or prepackaged cartridges (DynaFLASH™)

Alumina is the superior adsorbents when it comes to most applications, and Dynamic’s alumina increases that advantage.

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