Dyna-Energy™ Product Line

Activated alumina products designed by DAI are playing a pivotal role in reducing our carbon footprint by improving our use of carbon based fuels such as reducing hydrate formation in natural gas lines and valves and improving transformer performance thus assuring stability in the electrical grid. High quality desiccant materials should be added to natural gas supply lines both at the point of origin as well as at the point of usage in order to reduce the risk of water corrosion. Transformers are designed for long life and must be kept water free to assure peak performance. Drysphere™ offered by DAI provides the best solution for these energy needs.

Dyna-Energy™ Lithium provides a means to isolate and purify lithium from natural sources. The availability of ultra-pure lithium is critical to the development of a transportation system based on electrical batteries. This material is essential for use in lithium carbonate and lithium ion batteries of any size, including the multi-cell batteries designed for use in long range electric vehicles (EV). Dyna-Energy™ Lithium is the superior adsorbent for material separation at high (>10 pH) and is designed to withstand both high pressure and high temperature environments.